If you’re a public-sector insurance pool in the market for comprehensive, cost-effective reinsurance created to meet the specific needs of your program, then we’d like to associate with you.

We’re Scholar Associates, a non-profit, unincorporated association organized under the laws of Delaware with operations in New York and Vermont. Established by schools to protect schools, we function as a service provider for Scholar Reinsurance, an association captive reinsurance company whose customers are primarily composed of K-12 public schools that participate in the alternative-market risk finance community.

Domiciled, licensed and managed in Vermont, Scholar Reinsurance works with Scholar Associates members to turn risk into reward, leveraging decades of experience in the public-sector insurance and reinsurance businesses to deliver value-added general, professional, auto, and umbrella and excess liability reinsurance coverage.

Find out about the benefits of belonging to Scholar Associates, including access to reinsurance fine-tuned to the needs of public schools and a wealth of risk management and other relevant material. Join us and associate with a business that’s singularly focused on supporting the mission of public risk pools.