Communicating Effectively Through Emergency Messages

This article was originally published in NYSIR News Fall 2010 School district mass notification systems are indispensable when you need to keep the entire school community informed if an emergency occurs. Messages that address various scenarios should be created in advance and stored for future use. Being prepared saves time when every minute counts and…

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Security for the School Administration Building

This articles was originally published in NYSIR News – Winter 2011 A recent Florida news story featured a segment which showed an irate attendee firing shots during a school board meeting. Even one such incident is a reminder of the need for security measures for the administration building and all school board and other meetings…

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Guide for Developing Emergency Operations Plans

Do you have a high quality operation plan in place in case of a school emergency? If so, that’s great, but you might want to compare it against this plan prepared for the U.S. Department of Education. If not, you should, and you might find this guide very valuable. Guide for Developing High Quality School…

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